Fanbin Kong Associate Professor Food Science & Technology

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Portrait of Fanbin Kong

Description of Research Interests

Food engineering; in vitro simulation of digestive systems; microencapsulation technology; bioaccessibility and bioavailability of bioactives as affected by food matrix and processing; new food processing technology including radio frequency (RF) heating for food pasteurization.

Courses Taught

FDST 4011/6011-4011L/6011L: Food Processing I
FDST 4400 Senior Project
FDST 8060-8060L Advanced Food Processes

Selected Recent Publications

Wright N, Kong F, Williams B, Fortner L. 2015. A Human Duodenum Model (HDM) to study transport and digestion of intestinal contents. Journal of Food Engineering. In press.

Ozturk S, Kong F, Trabelsi S, Singh R. 2015. Dielectric properties of broccoli powder and its temperature profile during radio frequency heating. Journal of Food Engineering. In press.

Do DT, Kong F, Penet C, Winetzky D, Gregory K. 2015. Using a dynamic stomach model to study efficacy of supplemental enzymes during simulated digestion. LWT - Food Science and Technology. In press.

Flores FP, Singh RK, Kerr WL, Phillips DR, Kong F. 2015. In vitro release properties of encapsulated blueberry (Vaccinium ashei) extracts. Food Chemistry 168(1): 225-232.

Flores FP, RK Singh, Kong F. 2014. Physical and storage properties of spray-dried blueberry pomace extract with whey protein isolate as wall material. Journal of Food Engineering 137: 1-6.

Donhowe EG, FP Flores, WL Kerr, L Wicker, Kong F. 2014. Characterization and in vitro bioavailability of Beta-carotene: Effects of microencapsulation method and food matrix. LWT-Food Science and Technology 57: 42-48.

Zhao W, Iyer V, Flores FP, Donhowe E, Kong F. 2013. Microencapsulation of tannic acid for oral administration to inhibit carbohydrate digestion in the gastrointestinal tract. Food & Function 4(6): 899-905.

Flores FP, Singh RK, Kerr WL, Pegg RB, Kong F. 2013. Antioxidant and enzyme inhibitory activities of blueberry anthocyanins prepared using different solvents. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 61 (18): 4441–4447.

Kong F, Oztop HM, Singh RP, and McCarthy JM. 2013. Effect of boiling, roasting and frying on disintegration of peanuts in simulated gastric environment. LWT - Food Science and Technology 50(1): 32-38.