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Food Science Extension Outreach Program

Food Science Extension Outreach Program

Every year we hear about incidents of food-borne illness on the news. Many times these incidents could have been prevented or at least minimized, with proper food safety guidelines and training. The current focus of the University of Georgia Food Science Extension Outreach Program is to provide the public and the food industry with unbiased, research-based food safety education. Our workshops and on-site training programs enable businesses in the food industry to develop and implement a food safety or HACCP plan tailored to their own operation, thus minimizing the risk of contamination of their food product by human pathogens.

Extension Outreach personnel also work closely with various food commodity organizations in Georgia, including the Georgia Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association, Southeastern Food Processors Association, the United Fresh Produce Association, the Georgia Poultry Federation, the Southeastern Meat Association, and others to provide practical applications for research findings in their particular area of expertise.

Other educational services provided to individual firms and entrepreneurs assist them in new product development, conducting quality/safety audits and employee training. This department also has the responsibility of working with state and federal agencies, news media, county agents, industry firms, cooperatives and other clientele to disseminate research information and provide educational demonstrations which improve processing and preservation methods so that safe, quality food can be produced with better consumer acceptance.

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