A native of Ghana, Maxwell Lamptey is visiting the University of Georgia in the hopes of learning new methods of fighting aflatoxin—a carcinogen produced by soil fungus that can grow on peanuts. Lamprey is working alongside UGA food scientist Jinru Chen on the university's campus in Griffin, Ga. He is studying different methods of solar drying peanuts. CAES News
Visiting scientist conducts research on peanut pathogen at UGA Griffin
Researcher uses the sun to control dangerous fungus on peanuts.
University of Georgia food science students have been awarded first place by the DuPont Company for their creation of a new breakfast muffin. The muffin does not contain bread. Instead, it's made of quinoa, ham and eggs and is similar to quiche. CAES News
UGA students develop award-winning, bread-free breakfast sandwich
Low carb, high protein breakfast sandwich created by UGA food science students.
The 2015 class of the CAES Young Scholars Program spent this summer performing research in labs and fields in Griifin, Tifton and Athens. CAES News
UGA CAES Young Scholars spend summer conducting research with faculty mentors
CAES Young Scholars once again wow faculty with research projects.
The National Center for Home Food Preservation has distributed 1,300 copies of the CAES News
National Center for Home Food Preservation launches youth canning curriculum: "Put it Up!"
Students are learning time-tested methods for saving the bounty of their gardens.
Going but not gone: Trans fats still lurk in many processed foods.
Trans fats are on their way out, but some packaged goods still contain trace amounts.
Left to Right: UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Science Dean J. Scott Angle, PMIL Director Dave Hoisington, Food for Kids Ag Research Specialist Will Sheard, Meds and Food for Kids agronomist Jean Phillipe Dorzin and UGA peanut pathologist Bob Kemerait. CAES News
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences administrators visit peanut production facilities in Haiti with Feed the Future PMIL
Researchers in UGA and Haiti are working together to build an improved food system.
Mike Doyle, director of UGA Center for Food Safety, holds a bowl of spinach. CAES News
Physicians can play key role in preventing foodborne illness, says UGA's Mike Doyle
Doctors orders can affect attitudes towards food safety.
CAES faculty ready themselves for a summer of international travel
CAES Office of Global Programs supports international collaboration with travel grants.
University of Georgia scientist CAES News
UGA Web-based genome tool quickly identifies salmonella bacteria types
Quick identification is key to solving mysteries around foodborne illnesses.