Kirk Kealey, the new director of the University of Georgia' Food PIC Center, has launched more than 200 products, most of them beverages like a Mountain Dew for Russia, an apple soft drink for China and a mango juice drink now sold in Lebanon. Through these experiences he learned the numerous steps necessary to create a product consumers will accept. CAES News
UGA hires director for Food Product Innovation and Commercialization Center
Kirk Kealey brings three decades of product development experience to UGA position.
Mark Harrison - professor and graduate coordinator - University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences CAES News
Mark Harrison receives University of Georgia's Meigs Professorship
Food scientist recognized by UGA for excellence in undergraduate, graduate teaching.
By taking kids to the grocery store and encouraging them to help in meal planning, shopping and food preparation, they can learn positive eating habits and become empowered to try new foods and make smarter food choices. CAES News
Healthy labels do not translate into healthier diets
The rise of health conscious food marketing is not making Americans healthier.
UGA CAES Office of Global Programs hosts African Borlaug Fellows to study aflatoxin
Visiting scientists work with UGA to build a safer food supply around the world.
A platter of dark and white meat turkey. CAES News
Don't let leftovers linger too long
The lifespan of leftover turkey is four days.
Communication key when hosting people with food allergies
Talking about food allergies before Thanksgiving dinner could save a life.
Asian agricultural scientists visited the University of Georgia this week to share with and learn from researchers in the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. UGA animal and dairy scientist John Bernard is shown giving the group a tour of the dairy farm on the UGA CAES campus in Tifton. CAES News
Asian, American scientists work together for safer food supply
Scientists partner together for good of world's food supply.
Three goats were among those on display at the 2013 University of Georgia Master Goat Farmer class held in Athens. UGA food scientists are working with researchers at Fort Valley State University to train meat goat farmers. CAES News
Scientist touts health benefits of goat meat
Businessman, UGA scientist hope to increase awareness of goat meat.
Scientists from China and Taiwan visit with CAES researchers at the 2011 Ag Expo in Moultrie. CAES News
International scientists to share research at October mini-summit in Tifton
UGA Tifton campus hosts International Mini-Summit on Food, Policy and the Environment