Description of Research Interests

  • Nutritional and functional properties of plant proteins
  • Food protein from novel and underutilized sources
  • Extrusion cooking

Selected Recent Publications

Nabuuma, D., Nakimbugwe, D., Byaruhanga, Y.B., Saalia, F.K., Phillips, R.D., Chen, J. 2013. Formulation of a drinkable peanut-based therapeutic food for malnourished children using plant sources. Intl. J. Food Sci. & Nutr. 64(4): 467-75.

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Klu, Y., J. H. Williams, R. D. Phillips, and J. Chen. 2012. Survival of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG in full fat and reduced fat peanut butter as influenced by storage conditions and product matrixes. 77:M659-663.

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