Food Science Extension Publications
Using ATP, Protein, and Allergen Swabs
(B 1524-3)
As a part of a packinghouse environmental monitoring program, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), protein, and allergen swabbing is used to ensure that packinghouse equipment and surfaces have been properly cleaned and prepared for sanitation. ATP, protein, and allergen swabbing is frequently incorporated to complement microbial swabbing practices or as an independent program. These swab types indicate the presence of soils and residues on equipment, determining the effectiveness of the cleaning portion of a sanitation program. Sample results can be read in minutes, unlike microbial swabs, which take days. For this reason, ATP, protein, and allergen swabs are used immediately after cleaning to rapidly confirm that cleaning procedures were thorough. Operations then sanitize and collect microbial swabs to verify the effectiveness of the sanitation process.
Growing Vegetables Organically
(B 1011)
This publication is a comprehensive guide to growing vegetables organically, including location, planning, irrigation, soil preparation, composting, fertilizers, successive planting and crop rotation, mulching and insect control.
Organic Vidalia Onion Production
(C 913)
This publication discusses organic Vidalia onion production in Georgia, from site selection and harvesting to certification.
Drinking Water is Important
(C 1037-01)
Learn why drinking water is an important part of keeping yourself and your family healthy, and help children learn about hydration by exploring wet and dry sponges.
How Much Water Should You Drink?
(C 1037-02)
Find out how much water you should drink to stay hydrated, and help children make drinking water more fun by making colored fruit ice cubes.
Water Helps Children Succeed
(C 1037-03)
Read tips to help your child drink enough water every day, and help your child keep track of water drinking with a simple chart.
Eating a Variety of Foods is Healthy!
(C 1037-04)
Learn about the five food groups that make up MyPlate, and help your child learn the groups by coloring in sections of a paper plate.
Eating a Variety of Foods can be Fun!
(C 1037-05)
Find out how to make eating foods from all of the food groups more fun, and encourage your child to eat fruit by making silly fruit faces on a plate.
Breakfast Fuels Your Day
(C 1037-06)
Learn why breakfast is essential to good health, and encourage your children to make breakfast more interesting with healthy toppings for their hot or cold cereal.
Healthy Breakfast Feeds the Brain
(C 1037-07)
Read about the connection between a healthy breakfast and children's learning, and work with your child to make a fruit smoothie for breakfast.
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