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Food Science Seminars

The Food Science seminars are scheduled every Thursday during fall semester and every Tuesday during spring semester. Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held at 3:35 pm in Room 131, Food Science building, Athens. Varied topics of interest are presented by speakers from academia, government and industry. The schedule below is updated as information becomes available. In addition to regularly scheduled seminars, special seminars and Food Science graduate student defenses are listed. All seminars are open to the public. Degree award dates of alumni from our department are noted in parentheses.

Fall 2018




Aug 16

Dr. Rakesh Singh, University of Georgia
Welcome and Departmental Policy Review

Aug 23

Chandler Christoffel, UGA Library Liaison

Library Resources at UGA

Aug 30

John Shields

Microscopy instrumentation and sample preparation for food science

Sept 6

Jun Jin, Visiting Scholar

Mango kernel fat as a cocoa butter improver

Sept 13

Tim McKeon, Thermalope Extreme Microbial Technologies- using technology to help maintain a cleaner environment

Sept 20

Tim Oliver, OSI Jobs Pursuing a Career in the Food Industry 

Sept 27

Daniel Parrish Practical Applications of Food Science

Oct 4

Dr. Laurel Dunn  Prevalence and Concentration of Salmonella in Chicken Litter in the Southern United States.

Oct 11

Universal Pure  High Pressure Processing industry overview and Universal Pure's Business Strategy 

Oct 18

Dr. Kevin Mis Solval  Optimization of spray drying operations using computational fluid dynamics

Oct 25

Jaideep Sidhu Careers in Scientific and Regulatory Affairs

Nov 1

Dr. Hongxiang Liu, MD, PhD, University of Georgia  

For a better sense of taste - understanding the development and maintenance of taste buds"

Nov 8


DW Brooks Lecture
Mahler Hall - Georgia Center 

Nov 15

Student Seminars





Dr. Mark Harrison has been selected as the 2017 Frozen Food Foundation Freezing Research Award recipient from International Association of Food Protection (IAFP). The award is in recognition of his many years of outstanding service to the public, IAFP, and the Food Industry.  Congratulations, Dr. Harrison!