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Food Science & Technology: About Us


The Department of Food Science and Technology has an experienced group of employees to maintain our mission. Faculty members teach and conduct research on functional foods, value-added processing, and food microbiology/safety, as well as provide training and support for the food industry. Technical staff supports research into new processes and techniques for providing safe, healthy, and flavorful foods. Administrative staff provides support services to students and faculty to achieve their mission.

Athens Campus

Name Position
Akoh,* Casimir C. Research Professor
Clark, Kevin D. Associate Research Scientist
Eitenmiller, Ronald R. Professor Emeritus
Frank, Joseph F. Professor
Harrison,* Mark A. Professor & Graduate Coordinator
Huang, Yao-Wen Professor
Hurst, William C. Professor & Extension Outreach Coordinator
Kerr,* William L. Professor and Coordinator for
Food Processing Research & Development Laboratory (FPRDL)
Kong,* Fanbin Assistant Professor

Mohan,* Anand Assistant Professor, Extension Specialist
Pegg,* Ronald B. Associate Professor
Reyes De Corcuera,* José Associate Professor & Undergraduate Coordinator
Singh,* Rakesh K. Professor & Department Head
Wicker, Louise Professor & MFT Coordinator
* Able to serve as a Major Professor for graduate students


Name Position
Athens Staff
Cash, Lisa Administrative Associate I (706) 542-2286
Hirsch, Gwen Laboratory Manager II (706) 542-4005
Knight, Beth Administrative Specialist I (706) 542-1089
Mayes, Eve Program Coordinator I (706) 542-0272
Morris, Danny Laboratory Manager II (706) 542-1070
Porterfield, Lisa Business Manager II (706) 542-1083
Ruiz, Carl Laboratory Manager I (706) 542-1064
Sharma, Vijendra Laboratory Technician III (706) 542-4502

Simmons, Karen Program Coordinator II (706) 542-3045
Wendinger, Marian Program Specialist II (706) 542-2574
Wentzel, Vicki Research Professional I (706) 583-8913


Griffin Campus

Name Position
Adhikari,* Koushik Assistant Professor
Alali,* Walid Associate Professor
Beuchat, Larry R. Research Professor Emeritus
Cannon,* Jennifer Associate Professor
Chen,* Jinru Professor
Chinnan, Manjeet S. Professor Emeritus
Deng,* Xiangyu Assistant Professor
Doyle, Michael P. Regents Professor
Erickson, Marilyn C. Associate Professor
Hung,* Yen-Con Professor
Ortega,* Ynes Associate Professor
Phillips, Robert D. Professor Emeritus
Zhao, Tong Assistant Research Scientist
* Able to serve as a Major Professor for graduate students


Name Position
Brown, Donna Associate Accountant (770) 412-4758
Farrell, Glenn Research Professional I (770) 412-4747, ext. 147
McCullough, Sue Ellen Laboratory Technician II (770) 412-4747, ext. 150
Walker, Sandra Laboratory Technician III (770) 412-4747, ext. 150


Adjunct Faculty

Name Position
Berrang,* Mark Adjunct Assistant Professor
Brody, Aaron L. Adjunct Professor
Kornacki, Jeffrey L. Adjunct Assistant Professor
Li,* Jian-rong Adjunct Professor
Mani,* Sudhagar Adjunct Associate Professor
Park,* Bosoon Adjunct Professor
Sanchez-Brambila,* Gabriela Adjunct Assistant Professor

Smith,* Mary Alice Adjunct Associate Professor
Zhuang,* Hong Adjunct Associate Professor
* Able to serve as a Major Professor for graduate students


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