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We strive to provide services related to food product commercialization like process approvals and food safety workshops. Learn more about our services and upcoming events below.

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The Food Dawgs' Digest
Authors: Matthew Livingston, Amrit Pal, Kaitlyn Casulli Introduction Insects are a significant part of traditional diets for at least 2 billion people, with over 1,900 species reported to be consumed as food (van Huis et al., 2013). Cicadas are one such insect. Indigenous peoples from the United States and Canada were known to eat cicadas […]
The Food Dawgs' Digest
Whether measuring the pH of a new food product for classification or as part of a routine test for quality or safety, it is important to understand the principles behind pH measurement and ensure testing is performed properly. What is pH “pH” is an acronym derived from the Latin term potentia hydrogenii, meaning the “power […]
The Food Dawgs' Digest
With 2024 Flavor of Georgia registration closing on February 13th, we wanted to highlight a previous winner of the “Beverages” category. Flavor of Georgia is a food product contest for Georgia-made products annually held in Athens, GA. Food products are evaluated based on the technical aspects of the food as well as potential market volume, […]
The Food Dawgs' Digest
Packinghouse HACCP This International HACCP Alliance accredited course will discuss produce safety, Good Manufacturing Practices, and how to develop food safety programs based on the core principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). The course will be offered February 29th-March 1st, 2024 at the Tift County Extension Office. Bridging the GAPs Fruit and vegetable […]
The Food Dawgs' Digest
Join us on Thursday, April 4, 2024, at the Classic Center in Athens, Ga., for the 2024 Flavor of Georgia Contest. Contestant registration for the 2024 Flavor of Georgia has opened. Hopeful contestants may now register their products to compete in 2024.
The Food Dawgs' Digest
“More poop, more problems” Birds can carry diseases and pathogens that have the potential to make people sick. Keeping birds away from fields and packinghouses can be tough, but our team at Extension Food Science and Technology may have a few solutions for your operation! In this video Dr. Laurel Dunn (University of Georgia), Billy […]

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