Food Safety and Applied Microbiology

Food safety and applied microbiology research is conducted to ensure the wholesomeness and safety of our food supply, and particularly to guard against threats from non-conventional sources. Such research includes an integration of chemical, biological, environmental, microbiological, and engineering systems approaches for maximum effectiveness. Faculty has expertise in the areas of isolation, characterization and elimination of foodborne pathogens as well as epidemiology and bioinformatics.


Jinru Chen
Jinru Chen Professor
Food Science & Technology
Xiangyu Deng
Xiangyu Deng Associate Professor
Center for Food Safety
Francisco Diez-Gonzalez
Francisco Diez-Gonzalez Director and Professor
Center for Food Safety
Yen-Con Hung
Yen-Con Hung Koehler-Ayres Professor
Food Science & Technology
Fanbin Kong
Fanbin Kong Professor
Food Science & Technology
Ynes Rosa Ortega
Ynes Rosa Ortega Associate Professor
Center for Food Safety
Food scientist in the lab