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Note from the Department Head

As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic and begin another school year, we remain grateful for all the hard work and perseverance shown by the faculty, staff and students of the Food Science and Technology Department during this time. The pandemic brought on challenges that we had never seen before, but through hard work and dedication, we have been able to overcome and improvise to maintain the quality of our world class programs. This past summer, we have been able to enjoy and to take full advantage of face to face interactions during research projects, study abroad trips, conferences and competitions; and we are so thankful for the opportunity to connect with colleagues and peers as we have not had the chance to over the last two years. The level of growth and adaptability displayed by this department has been truly inspiring to be a part of and to watch.

Moving into this year, the department of Food Science and Technology is ever changing and growing. Three new faculty members have joined us in the past year at the Athens campus: Dr. Faith Critzer, who serves as our Undergraduate Coordinator and Associate Professor of Food Microbiology,  Dr. Kaitlyn Casuli, Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor of Food Processing and Safety and Dr. Joonhyuk Suh, Assistant Professor of Food Chemistry. We would also like to welcome Dr. James Gratzek as the new Director of Food Processing Innovation and Commercialization center (FoodPIC) on the Griffin campus. However, this growth does not come without a few losses. Student Affairs Manager Karen Simmons retired on August 1st after serving the department for 18 years. Dr. Reyes de Corcuera, former Undergraduate Coordinator and Associate Professor of Food Processing has also departed from the department to pursue another opportunity to continue his research. We would like to congratulate both of them on their accomplishments, thank them for their dedication to this department, and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

We are happy to report that our resident graduate (MS and PhD), online MFT, and undergraduate programs are going strong, with our students winning awards and scholarships at conferences and competitions all across the country. Recently, two of our graduate students won the International Association for Food Protection’s Travel Scholarship at the organization’s annual meeting in Pittsburgh. Secondly, members of the Food Science Club represented the entire Southeast Region at the Institute of Food Technologists College Bowl Competition, where they placed third overall.  We have celebrated several other graduate and undergraduate awards and have had a number of successful graduate student defenses this past Fall and Spring. We are proud of our student award winners and their accomplishments.

The Food Science and Technology department is also experiencing a great expansion of staff here in Athens and at the Griffin campus. With these new faces is coming a reinvigoration of our undergraduate recruitment program and promotion of our department. We are excited to welcome them all into the Food Science and Technology family and cannot wait to see what the immediate future holds for the department. 

Looking to the future, we are hopeful about the year ahead of us. Now that we have resumed face to face activities and acclimated to a new normal that we have not had as of late, we can take the lessons that we have learned through our hardships and apply them to our current state to ensure growth and success no matter what the circumstances. As we continue on,  I would encourage you all to stay connected with UGA Food Science and Technology. We are very appreciative of all the support that we receive from you all and everyone for the commitment to our department.

Go Dawgs! #FoodDawgs


Dr. Manpreet Singh, Department Head
Dr. Manpreet Singh, Department Head

Food Science and Technology Department News

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