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Food Science Seminars

The Food Science seminars are scheduled every Thursday during fall semester and every Tuesday during spring semester. Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held at 3:55 pm in Room 131, Food Science building, Athens. Varied topics of interest are presented by speakers from academia, government, and industry. The schedule below is updated as information becomes available. In addition to regularly scheduled seminars, special seminars and Food Science graduate student defenses are listed. All seminars are open to the public. Degree award dates of alumni from our department are noted in parentheses.

Spring 2022

Date Speaker Topic
Dr. Faith Critzer, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Food Science and Technology - University of Georgia
Data Driven Decisions: Moving the Needle for Better Listeria Control in the Produce Industry
Dr. Brenda Kroft, Ph.D. - Postdoctoral Research Associate - Food Science and Technology - University of Georgia
The growth and survival of Listeria monocytogenes on whole and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables as affected by abusive temperatures during simulated storage
Dr. John Shields, Ph.D., Georgia Electron Microscopy - Department of Cellular Biology - University of Georgia
Challenges with preparing samples for ultrastructural evaluation in the food sciences
Dr. Carla L. Schwan, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor and Extension Food Safety Specialist, Director, National Center for Home Food Preservation - Department of Nutritional Sciences, College of Family and Consumer Sciences.
From informal markets to food deserts: using food safety and preservation to improve food security
Dr. Bosoon Park, Ph.D. - USDA
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Food Safety
Dr. Kairy D. Pujols-Martinez, Ph.D. - Sensory and Consumer Product Insights, Global Snacks - PepsiCo R&D
Using Sensory & Consumer research to address sodium reduction in food snacks
Dr. Enyam S. Alamu-Lumor, Ph.D. - SME - Fats & Oils Category, Global Science & Technology
Accelerated Shelf-life Testing
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Food Science and Technology Department News

colistin (1) CAES News
CAES researcher instrumental in ban of last-resort agricultural antibiotic in Lebanon
The overuse of the antibiotic colistin has contributed to the rise of antimicrobial resistance, “one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity,” according to the World Health Organization. To preserve colistin’s efficacy, the U.S. does not use it in food animals, and now, thanks to the efforts of University of Georgia Professor Issmat Kassem, Lebanon has followed suit, banning it for agricultural use.
Refugees 1 CAES News
Refugees at higher risk for persistent infections, according to UGA-led study
The destruction caused by war is evident both in its toll to human life and its impact on infrastructure. Those who are lucky enough to escape violence face many challenges, from finding a safe place to live to securing employment, but another threat could further jeopardize their ability to survive — an increased risk of illness. 
FoodPIC director Jim Gratzek CAES News
Food tech entrepreneur to serve as Food Product Innovation and Commercialization Center director
Food technology entrepreneur James Gratzek will serve as the next director of the Food Product Innovation and Commercialization Center on the University of Georgia Griffin campus, according to the Department of Food Science and Technology at the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.