Food Science News

36 finalists advance to final round of Flavor of Georgia contest
Judges tasted their way through 124 products entered by 82 Georgia businesses in the first round of judging for the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’ annual Flavor of Georgia food product contest on March 10, selecting 36 finalists who will compete in the final round of competition on March 28.
Flavor of Georgia grand prize goes to Barlow's Foods
Barlow’s Foods won the grand prize at the 2023 Flavor of Georgia food contest for their product, Barlow’s Peach Cobbler Syrup. Barlow’s Foods is a packaged foods company located in Atlanta, Georgia. The woman-owned business creates pancake mixes and assorted breakfast staples, including their Peach Cobbler Syrup.
It's corn! The history of an adored (and reviled) Halloween candy
Candy corn is either the first or the last piece of candy you reach for around the Halloween season. Regardless of your opinion, candy corn is a mysterious confection. Its flavor, texture and history are unique, making this variegated sweet more than meets the eye.
Pass the Tofurky!
Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday for food. On the fourth Thursday of November, people across the country sit down at the “good dining table” (or the broken folding table for the kids) and eat the same thing — copious amounts of turkey. Vegans and vegetarians may find this holiday to be a more difficult one. An entire day centered around the consumption of meat can be awkward if you have sworn off eating it, so what can a person on a plant-based diet eat on Thanksgiving without missing out on the holiday fun?
The Food Dawgs Go to Sunbelt
After eight years, the Department of Food Science and Technology (#FoodDawgs) returned to the Sunbelt Ag Expo as the spotlighted department for the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Each year, CAES attends the showcase and brings one of its nine departments along, and this year, the food science and technology department was center stage.
The surprising impact of sunlight on food safety
The World Health Organization estimates that there are 600 million cases of foodbourne illness every year. One way harmful pathogens can enter the food supply is through irrigation water, but researchers are using precision agriculture to create a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to combat the bacteria that makes us sick. And the tool they are using is available to everyone — the sun.
UGA Center for Food Safety director aids in FDA review
When government officials need expert opinions, they often turn to academia for advice. The University of Georgia’s Center for Food Safety has a long history of working with such entities to help ensure a safe global food supply, and its involvement in government matters deepened last fall when the center’s director participated in a high-profile review of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
UGA FoodPIC partners with Lova Naturals to produce beauty and wellness product
The University of Georgia’s Food Product Innovation and Commercialization Center (FoodPIC) helps small businesses and entrepreneurs make their mark on the food industry through research, formulation, prototyping and more. With a focus on small businesses and entrepreneurs, FoodPIC is committed to helping its clients hone their products efficiently and economically.
UGA faculty excellence attracts international researchers across disciplines
Each year, hundreds of international researchers — from master’s degree students to academic faculty — apply to come to the University of Georgia to work in a wide range of academic fields.
UGA food science alumnae opens Athens’ first distillery
Brewery and beer aficionados have a wide selection of venues to choose from when visiting Athens, Georgia. Anyone over 21 can pick from any craft beer brewery of their choosing or try out all six on the Athens Beer Trail, but what about those who want the atmosphere and experience of a brewery with a different drink option than beer?
UGA researchers develop market for jellyfish proteins in Georgia
The protein collagen can be extracted from cannonball jellyfish and used in dietary supplements and other areas, creating a U.S. market for jellyfish, according to a study led by researchers at the University of Georgia.