Happy Retirement, Dr. Hung!

Happy Retirement, Dr. Hung!

Dr. Yen-Con Hung, Koehler-Ayres professor of Food Science and Technology, retired on March 1, 2024 after 38 years at the University of Georgia Department of Food Science and Technology.

Dr. Hung has been involved in a multitude of projects over his years with our department, such as the Laboratory of Water Electrolysis and the Peanut Information Network System, and has made many connections with his work here in the state and across the globe.

Timeline of Dr. Hung’s work with FST:

  • 1985-1990s: Dr. Hung worked with food treatment research and how different processing methods affect the physical properties of the food. He worked with the Horticulture Department, Department of Agricultural Economics and more to study how different cultivation and production practices affect agricultural crops, as well as its economic impact.
  • 1995-late 90s: He worked with Mike Doyle on how different processing methods can be used to kill food borne pathogens, fusing food safety and food processing research.
  • 1997-2010s: A visiting scientist shared his interest in how electrolyzed water can kill pathogens, leading to the establishment of the Laboratory of Electrolyzed Water around the 2010s.
  • 2011-Present: The United States Department of Agriculture began calling for research on beef safety. Dr. Hung put together a team with scientists from the USDA Research Center, the food science and technology department., the animal science department and physics department to ensure the safety of beef products from slaughter to the grocery store.

image: Dr. Yen-Con HungDr. Yen-Con Hung

Over his time in our department, Dr. Hung has found great success in his research and teaching. He has held multiple leadership positions, has been published 250 times over books, chapters of books, patents and journal articles, received 136 grants and directed 30 theses and dissertations as a major professor. Dr. Hung has also been awarded 19 postgraduate awards from UGA, the Institute of Food Technologists and more.

Leadership Positions at UGA FST:

  • Research/Extension/Instruction (REI) Coord. 2001-2008
  • FoodPIC Program Coordinator 2002-2004
  • Vice President of IIR (International Institute of Refrigeration) Commission C2 (Food Science and Engineering) from 1999 to 2011

Postgraduate Awards Won by Dr. Hung at UGA:

  • 1998 Gamma Sigma Delta Senior Faculty Award
  • 2002 Creative Research Medal
  • 2011 D.W. Brooks award for Excellence in Research
  • 2018 D.W. Brooks award for Excellence in Global

During his retirement, Dr. Hung plans to keep up his research and international connections as a professor emeritus, and spend some much-deserved quality time with his wife, sons, and two grandchildren.

Congratulations, Dr. Hung!