Koushik Adhikari Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator Food Science & Technology
Contact Information koushik7@uga.edu 770-412-4736

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Sensory Evaluation & Consumer Lab (SEC Lab)


Description of Research Interests

Research mainly focuses on sensory analysis (descriptive analysis and consumer acceptability) of commodity (mainly beef) and consumer food products. A current research foci include determining emotional response of consumers when consuming food and beverages, determining the relevance of sensory analysis and consumer behavior in food choice and nutrition in combating obesity in adolescents, and using multivariate statistical analyses to study relationships between descriptive data and consumer acceptability data and/or chemical flavor data (GC-MS).

Selected Recent Publications

Wang S, Tonnis BD, Wang ML, Zhang S, Adhikari K. 2019. Investigation of monosodium glutamate alternatives for content of umami substances and their enhancement effects in chicken soup compared to monosodium glutamate. Journal of Food Science (Accepted).

Heo J, Choi KS, Wang S, Adhikari K, Lee J. 2019. Cold brew coffee: consumer acceptability and characterization using the check-all-that-apply (CATA) method. Foods 2019, 8, 344.

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