Important Note

We cannot provide Nutrition Facts Panels for alcoholic beverages, nutritional supplements, or food products that contain excessive amounts of alcohol.


Why do you need it?

The federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires that packaged foods bear nutrition labeling unless they qualify for an exemption. A small business may be exempt from displaying the Nutrition Facts Panel if:

  1. the annual gross sales of food to consumers is less than $50,000,
  2. it has fewer than 100 employees, and
  3. sales of fewer than 100,000 units per year. Note: If any nutrient content claim (e.g., “low fat”) or health claim is made on the labeling or advertising of the product, the small business exemption is not applicable.

Keep in mind, however, that wholesale buyers may require that the nutrition facts panel be on the product label. Also, if you are getting a large number of your food product labels printed, it will save time and money to design the label with the nutrition facts panel in place.

A separate nutrition facts panel is required for each size of container or package. The Extension Food Science specialists will provide a nutrition facts panel in digital format ready to put into your label for a nominal fee.