Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you know that your product is acidified, please email and request a process approval form. If you do not know whether or not your product is acidified, then you will need to begin with a product classification. This will determine whether or not you need a process approval. You can request a product classification by emailing or filling out the service request form on our services page.

  • Email with your name, brief description of your product, and the services you are interested in. Or fill out a serivce request form on our services page.

  • Start by contacting the Georgia Department of Agriculture. They can help you determine what type of licensing you will need to get your product to the market. Then, we can assit you with a product classification (PC), process approval, and nutritional facts panel.

  • These are our acronyms for Process Approval (PA), Product Classification (PC), and Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP). Learn more about our Services.



  • We provide you with the nutrition facts panel, ingredient statement, allergen statement, and a breakdown of the nutrient content of your product.

  • Visit the Georgia Department of Agriculture's Cottage Food page to learn more and determine if you qualify for a Cottage Food License.